VIP Program

Welcome VIPs!

Our VIPs are our tribe, who get what we are doing here and are in it with us. 

As a VIP, you have a lot of benefits, including:

  • A 20% lifetime discount
  • First access to all new product
  • Exclusive VIP only Sales and Promotions
  • Auto entry into contests and events
  • Surprise serenades from Hugh Jackman (ok ok ok...but its a goal!).

How to become a VIP?

VIPs have a proven record of supporting Lilly & Lime.  In hindsight, its easy to recognize our most dedicated customers, and most VIPs were invited into the VIP Program after supporting Lilly & Lime for years. To make it clear who will be a VIP in the future, we've arrived at what makes a VIP based on those awesome customers, and here is the criteria:

VIPs have:

Periodically we identify recent purchases to identify customers who have qualified based on the below:

  • Made 3 purchases or more
  • Allow Promotional Emails (to receive VIP codes and offers).
    • OR, supported our crowdfunding efforts
    • OR, answered our special requests

    Do you think you should be a VIP?

    If you have now made 3 purchases and don't want to wait, reach out to us at and let us know! We'll send you out your lifetime VIP discount code, invite you to the "VIP only" groups and ensure you have first and best access to everything new at Lilly & Lime.