At Lilly & Lime, we are dedicated to solving real swimwear-related problems for our customers. We understand the importance of authentic feedback and testimonials, and that's why we've created the Free Swimwear Media Program. This initiative is designed to engage individuals who genuinely face swimwear challenges and gather real, unfiltered testimonials to showcase the true value of our products.

Free Swimwear for D Cups and Up

Program Guidelines:

  1. Eligibility:

    • The program is open to individuals who have a genuine need for Lilly & Lime Swimwear.
    • Participants must be willing to share their unfiltered experiences, both positive and constructive, with our swimwear products.
  1. Application Process:

    • Customers interested in participating can email us at the address below.
    • Applications should include a brief description of their specific swimwear-related challenge and why they believe our products can address it.
  1. Selection Process:

    • Our team will review applications and select participants based on the authenticity of their challenges and their potential to benefit from our swimwear.
    • Selected participants will be notified via email.
  1. Product Allocation:

    • Approved participants will receive a product from our swimwear collection that best suits their needs.
    • The selected swimwear will be sent to participants free of charge.
  1. Video Testimonial Requirements:

    • Participants are expected to wear the provided swimwear and provide honest feedback on their experiences via video.
    • Testimonials should include specific details about how the swimwear has addressed their particular problem and enhanced their overall experience.
    • Participants will submit high-quality photos and videos showcasing the swimwear in use.
  1. Use of Testimonials:

    • Testimonials may be used in Lilly & Lime's marketing materials, website, social media, and other promotional activities.
    • Participants will be credited for their testimonials as "real customers" to ensure authenticity.
  1. Privacy and Consent:

    • Participants' privacy will be respected, and personal information will be handled in strict accordance with our privacy policy.
    • Participants must provide explicit consent for the use of their testimonials and images for marketing purposes.
  1. Feedback and Improvements:

    • We welcome participants' feedback on our swimwear products and their experiences during the program.
    • Your valuable insights will help us continually improve our offerings.

Conclusion: The Free Swimwear Media Program is a testament to our commitment to solving genuine swimwear challenges faced by our customers. By participating, you not only have the opportunity to receive swimwear that can truly make a difference in your life but also to contribute to our mission of providing real solutions.

If you're ready to share your journey and experience with Lilly & Lime's swimwear authentically, apply now and become a part of our community of individuals solving real problems.


 Free Swimwear for D+