Lilly & Lime Swimwear has been created specifically for the D-cup and up. It is a specialised swimwear label founded by us—two friends, Emma-Jane Hughes and Ashleigh Hill.

Ash & Emma Lilly & Lime

We both grew up in Africa, Ash on the shores of Lake Malawi and Emma on the beautiful white beaches in South Africa, which means we’ve grown up loving the sun and the beach.

After a few years in London building our careers we wanted the sun on our skin and the sand between our toes, and the sunny shores of Australia were too hard to ignore! Emma and her family have decided to go on an adventure for a few years and she is currently based in Bermuda and Ash in Brisbane, Australia. So here we are again, back on the beach, and facing the same dilemmas when it comes to swimwear. 

Being big busted girls (8F & 8DD) we dread the beginning of summer as we LOVE shopping for new bikinis but can never find anything that’s both fashionable and a great fit in our sizes. Our smaller busted friends seem to have a much broader selection of swimwear, all in gorgeous prints and styles.

So, one hens night after a few champagnes, Lilly & Lime was born and grew for 4 wonderful seasons, the last two, expanding sales to North America and around the world.

The past years have been a whirlwind for us at Lilly & Lime. With the onset of the pandemic, like many businesses, we faced immense challenges. Australia, renowned for its spirited travellers, experienced one of the world's longest lockdowns stretching to 18 long months. A nation known for its wanderlust was suddenly grounded, and this drastic change in lifestyle severely impacted demand for our swimwear.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. We found our vision being supported by a new partner, and the pause gave us an opportunity to introspect, innovate, and reinvigorate our brand. We utilized this time to refocus, reimagine, and redesign. This culminated in our latest collection, aptly named 'The Renaissance.' It symbolizes not just our brand's revival but also the spirit of resurgence that we, as a nation and a global community, are experiencing.

The Renaissance collection extends our commitment to cater to D-cup sizes and above, adding more variety and elegance to our already diverse range. Each piece reflects our dedication and passion, crafted meticulously to make every woman feel confident and beautiful. We've poured our heart and soul into this collection, and we hope every piece resonates with the strength and resilience we've all discovered within ourselves during these times.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We're thrilled to make our comeback, more enthusiastic and driven than ever. We hope you cherish our creations as much as we have cherished crafting them for you.


Ash and Em