Tips from Nat (LMTBYB) on how to feel confident in swimwear this Summer

“Every BODY should be in swimwear this Summer!” says Nat from Let Me Try Before You Buy community.

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The anxiety women have over shopping and wearing swimwear has gone on too long. It is our mission this Summer to get everyone out and about in their swimwear. A few weeks ago we  worked with Nat from LMTBYB and here are some of her tips for finding swimwear for a bigger bust.

“99% of women have a tummy or their thighs move when they walk, that is completely normal and we want women to realise this and be comfortable. You need to find a swimsuit that makes you feel supported and confident” Natalie says.

There is nothing worse that feeling self-concious in your swimwear and as a bigger busted women (“big titty committee” as Nat says), the choices are more limited and it can make shopping for swimwear a lot harder. So finding the right size for your body is really important. We offer a free e-fitting service with Brenda our resident BRArchitect to help you find the right size. With sizes ranging from 6D-18HH in tops and 8-22 in bottoms there is something for everybody.

"The biggest recommendation that I would have for women coming into summer is don't wear black swimsuits," she reveals.

"Black makes things disappear. The best swimsuits for curvy women to wear are actually highly colourful and printed ones. If you find an amazing bikini that is bright and colourful, everyone on that beach will be focused on your swimsuit and not how your body is jiggling.”

Buying separates helps to get a swimsuit that is perfect for you. We offer 7 top styles and 6 bottom styles as well as 3 one pieces and a rash guard. So there are options for how you want to wear it, whether you want an underwire, wire free or more or less coverage. Think about how active (or not;)) you will be in your swimwear as that is a great starting point. If you want more coverage and protection look at our sun smart range which has the Cap Sleeve One Piece, High Neck Top and Rash Guard which is the perfect addition to your swimwear wardrobe. If you want to maximise your tan, then look for a top with removable straps or if you know your kids are going to be pulling on your top and you will have to run after them on the beach, choose from one of our most supportive tops, Balconette, Underwire Halter or Full Cup.

All the prints are designed to be mixed and match offering you the opportunity to create the perfect combination for your body.

“Different bikini bottom styles will suit different people too. A myth we all need to get over is more coverage is better, a brief cut higher on the leg will give you the illusion of longer legs and make your bottom look smaller. We want you in as little coverage as you can handle, let the bikini do the work for you.” Recommends Natalie.

So take some time to get a size recommendation and choose a style that will work for you. You can order as many as you want and try them on at home and then return the pieces that don’t make you feel fantastic.

Our mission is to empower women by giving them well fitted fashionable swimwear that makes them feel confident in their everyday lives.

Check out the video below to see Nat’s latest try on featuring Lilly & Lime: 

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